Doctoral program in “Climate, Resources, and Circular Economy”

The challenges of climate protection and careful use of natural resources are closely linked. To investigate the interactions, KIT, significantly represented by ITAS, and Pforzheim University award 15 scholarships.
Doktorandenhüte werden in die Luft gewirbelt
In the future, the fellows in Pforzheim and Karlsruhe will investigate questions at the interface between natural science, technology, society and economy. (Source: pixabay)

New technologies for the energy and mobility transition often require raw materials whose provision is associated with increased ecological and social consequences, for example, in the area of climate and climate impact. When realizing a sustainable “circular economy,” the purposes for which resources are used and social and ecological factors must be weighed up.

Such questions at the interface between natural science, technology, society, and economy will be investigated in the future by the fellows of the doctoral program “Klima, Ressourcen und Circular Economy – Wechselbeziehungen, Synergien und Tradeoffs” (Climate, Resources, and Circular Economy – Interrelations, Synergies, and Tradeoffs, KLIREC ). The program, funded by the Landesgraduiertenförderung Baden-Württemberg, is managed by the Institute for Industrial Ecology (INEC) at Pforzheim University and ITAS. It is also supported by funds from Karlheinz-Osterwald-Stiftung and PSD Bank Karlsruhe-Neustadt.

KLIREC offers its members up to three years of funding and an intensive and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas with colleagues and supervisors, for example, via workshops, working groups, or Summer Schools.

Interested graduates should have a master’s degree in the natural sciences and technology or social sciences and humanities and preferably have already come into contact with sustainability issues. Applications are now open. (10.01.2023)

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