Status report on energy storage systems published

At ITAS, Marcel Weil and Manuel Baumann investigate the environmental balance of storage technologies. For the VDI – The Association of German Engineers, the scientists have now taken part in a survey on the “value” of storage systems in the energy grid.
Cover VDI-Statusreport „Ökonomischer, ökologischer und systemischer Wert von netzgekoppelten Energiespeichern“
(Source: VDI)

To achieve the most climate-neutral energy system possible, storage technologies are now in the focus of the discussion as one, if not the, critical component. The debate about the pros and cons of grid-connected energy storage is taking place at several levels: The “value” is not only discussed economically (as “yields”), but also ecologically (contributing to CO2 reduction) and systemically (contributing to the success of the energy transition). As a result, evaluations of applications and technologies can hardly be compared so far.

This is addressed by the VDI status report “Ökonomischer, ökologischer und systemischer Wert von netzgekoppelten Energiespeichern” (Economic, environmental, and systemic value of grid-connected energy storage) published in May 2022, to which ITAS scientists Marcel Weil and Manuel Baumann contributed significantly. The report aims to process and summarize the knowledge of existing studies regarding the different dimensions of “value” in such a way that non-experts from politics, the public, and journalism are also provided with objective facts for discussion. (31.05.2022)

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