New publication: Introduction to sustainability

What does a society that takes responsibility for present and future generations look like? Armin Grunwald and Jürgen Kopfmüller have updated their book publication on the guiding principle of sustainable development with current topics and debates.
Cover des Buches Nachhaltigkeit von Armin Grunwald und Jürgen Kopfmüller
Source: Campus Verlag

The global “Fridays for Future” movement impressively demonstrates how dynamically the field of sustainability is developing. However, the rich literature on the topic, often remains tailored to the needs of experts.

Armin Grunwald, head of ITAS, and Jürgen Kopfmüller, coordinator of the ITAS cross-cutting activity “Sustainability”, wish to promote the interest in and commitment to sustainable development beyond these circles. In the new edition of their book “Nachhaltigkeit” (Sustainability) the two scientists provide a comprehensive and systematic overview of current concepts, strategies, and definitions of the guiding principle of sustainability at different levels of society

Real-word labs, UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and the Anthropocene debate

Drawing on current literature, the authors address new developments related to the guiding principle of sustainable development: digitalization and urbanization, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, real-world labs, and the debate about the Anthropocene. New theoretical questions and the engagement with the concepts of resilience and vulnerability are also included in the book. The authors conclude with twelve theses on what they see as the next steps that need to be taken on the road to a society that offers development prospects while also considering the finite nature of natural resources (14.03.2022)

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Grunwald, A.; Kopfmüller, J.
Nachhaltigkeit, 3rd, updated and expanded edition
Frankfurt am Main: Campus Verlag, 2022, 300 S.
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