New TATuP issue “Designing and experiencing AI systems”

Artificial intelligence and big data are major topics in business, society, and science. TATuP explores ways to strengthen society’s understanding of AI and to shape the technology’s use in a meaningful way.
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TATuP Issue 3/2021

Technology assessment has the task of transforming public expectations and fears about artificial intelligence (AI) into well-founded, factual perspectives as well as providing impetus for a socially desirable design of AI. Based on this premise, the current issue of TATuP presents theoretical considerations, historical analyses, and case studies of AI applications in the fields of communicating technology and human genetics.

Transformation in science and society

Bernhard G. Humm (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences), Stephan Lingner (IQIB), Jan C. Schmidt (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences), and Karsten Wendland (ITAS/KIT) – editors of the current TATuP issue “Designing and experiencing AI systems. Concepts, values, applications” – see considerable potential for AI in research and development as well as in economic applications. However, in order to create appropriate research programs and sensible regulations, a social design of AI systems and an adequate analysis of risks would be required. The authors of the TATuP special topic provide suggestions and analyses in this regard.

Interview “Public infrastructure crisis in Lebanon”

In the TATuP interview, Karim Eid-Sabbagh, expert in urban planning and resource management, and Ulrich Ufer, anthropologist and historian, discuss the public infrastructure crisis in Lebanon and contributions from critical political economy to technology assessment in countries of the Global South.

Also in the current TATuP issue: an article in the research section on “Citizen science approaches in medical and health research,” conference reports, reviews, and news from the TA community.

30 years of publication: TATuP celebrates anniversary

On the occasion of TATuP’s 30th anniversary, the editors and members of the scientific advisory board have their say. Online, they tell us what they particularly appreciate about the journal, what they wish for the future of TATuP, and which article they particularly enjoyed reading. (17.12.2021)

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