New publication: Handbook on the ethics of technology

Technological progress always requires societal responsibility as well. What are the ways to deal with this responsibility? Armin Grunwald and Rafaela Hillerbrand introduce the principles and applications of ethics of technology in a new handbook.
Buchcover für die Publikation "Handbuch Technikethik"
Source: Springer

Energy production, medical and military technology, neurotechnology, or space travel – ethical issues arise in many fields where rapid technological development is taking place. Is this right and good? In order to answer this question, we have to consider and assess opportunities and risks, dangers and safety, progress and responsibility. The reissue of the “Handbuch Technikethik” (Handbook on the ethics of technology), edited by Armin Grunwald, head of ITAS and Professor of Philosophy of Technology, and Rafaela Hillerbrand, deputy head of the Institute and Professor of Ethics of Technology and Philosophy of Science, can help with this.

In order to provide the readers with a comprehensive insight into the field of ethics of technology, the authors of the handbook define the most important terms and introduce the ethical-philosophical principles of the ethics of technology. There are also contributions on many relevant fields of technology, such as autonomous driving, big data, additive processes (3D printing), or military technology and robotics. (05.10.2021)

Bibliographic information:

Grunwald, A.; Hillerbrand, R. (Hrsg.)
Handbuch Technikethik.
Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler, 2021, approx. 500 p., ISBN 978-3-476-04900-1
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