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Armin Grunwald appointed by International Science Council

The Governing Board of the International Science Council (ISC) nominated the head of ITAS as member of its Committee for Science Planning. The recently constituted body addresses major issues concerned with science-for-policy and policy-for-science.
Head of ITAS Armin Grunwald
Head of ITAS Armin Grunwald (Bild: S. Göttisheim / KIT)

Armin Grunwald’s three-year term of service started on 1 July 2019. As a member of one of the four advisory committees of the ISC, he will contribute his expertise to advance international inter- and trans-disciplinary science and policy in four domains:

  1. Strengthening the use of scientific evidence in policy and public action,
  2. achieving the 17 goals of the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development,
  3. understanding and responding to the opportunities and challenges of the digital revolution,
  4. and, finally, advancing scientific freedom and responsibility worldwide.

The ISC’s work includes a diverse range of international research programs, projects, and global events co-sponsored with other international organizations and UN agencies. The council with headquarters in Paris brings together 40 international scientific unions and associations and more than 140 national and regional scientific organizations. Its vision is to advance science as a global public good with an inclusive and equitable scientific practice. (24.07.2019)

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