Short film explaining real-world labs

A real-world lab – what is that supposed to be actually? It is a central challenge in transdisciplinary work to present science in an understandable way. With its new short film, the real-world lab Quartier Zukunft wants to contribute to that.
Video still

The term “real-world lab” has had a remarkable career in recent years and is now also used outside the science system. On the one hand, this is desirable, as the format is getting more and more attention and is brought into society. On the other hand, you can already notice now that the term is also used misleadingly or out of context. In any case, real-world labs and the connected research approaches need explanation.

The team of real-world lab “District Future - Urban Lab” has used this as an opportunity to present their own understanding of real-world labs, which was gained through many years of experience, in a short explanatory film.

The short film is dedicated to interested people inside as well as outside the community of real-world labs. (13.06.2019)

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