Head of ITAS appointed to Future Circle

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research uses a foresight process to identify and analyze technological and societal trends. As a member of the Future Circle (“Zukunftskreis”), Armin Grunwald accompanies the third foresight cycle.
ITAS-Leiter Armin Grunwald, Mitglied im Foresight-Zukunftskreis des BMBF
Head of ITAS Armin Grunwald (Bild: S. Göttisheim / KIT)

What do possible developments in science and innovation, in society and the industry look like? How can we prepare ourselves for them? For many years, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has relied on the so-called foresight process for the strategic foresight of future topics. This summer, they will start its third cycle.

A group of foresight experts from science, society, and the industry, the so-called Future Circle, is significantly involved here. Armin Grunwald, head of ITAS and the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag, is one of eight representatives from science.

Sounding out trends and avant-garde topics

The Future Circle supports the sounding out of trends and avant-garde topics and accompanies the foresight activities base thereon, from computer-based methods to participatory modules. The members of the Circle should also support the BMBF in describing possible futures and represent them in public, if required.

To this end, the Future Circle is closely cooperating with the Future Office (“Zukunftsbüro”), whose member institutions are currently being selected, and which is responsible for the operational implementation of the foresight process. The Future Circle will meet in September for its first, constituent session. (30.04.2019)

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