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Scientific services for the EU Parliament

In June 2018, ITAS and its partners in the European Technology Assessment Group (ETAG) have been again selected as contractors for carrying out TA studies tailored towards the needs of the members of the European Parliament.

It is since 2005 that ITAS as the leading partner of ETAG, a consortium of European institutions active in the field of TA, has been providing scientific consultancy services on behalf of the European Parliament’s STOA Panel. ETAG in this period carried out around thirty TA studies on a broad scope of subjects such as Human Enhancement, Electronic Democracy, Cloud Computing, Assistive Technologies or Eco-efficient Transport. 

ITAS regards it to be an expression of STOA’s appreciation of those services delivered that after a new call for tenders ETAG has just been selected again as contractor of the European Parliament. The new period of 3 to 4 years started in June 2018. ETAG has been successful in applying for all five fields of expertise that have been subject of the call: 

  • Eco-efficient Transport and Modern Energy Solutions,
  • Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, 
  • Potentials and Challenges of the Information Society,
  • Health and New Technologies in the Life Sciences, 
  • and Science Policy, Communication and Global Networking.

STOA is made up by a panel of 15 MEPs representing different standing committees of the European Parliament. The Panel – established in 1985 – is the Parliament’s body responsible for identifying new developments in Science and Technology that might demand policy action. The Panel decides on setting up short to long-term TA studies meant to supply independent, up to date and scientifically sound knowledge to its members. (05.09.2018)

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