Cooperation with “FrauenAkademie”

ITAS is breaking new ground to involve Karlsruhe citizens in civil dialogue and in research and development of knowledge. Within a course on “algae” at VHS Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe adult education center), participants also visited laboratories of the KIT.
FrauenAkadmie besichtigt Algen-Forschungseinrichtungen des KIT
Discussing future applications of algae: participants of the FrauenAkademie of VHS Karlsruhe (Photo: Anja Eigenmann)

In several projects, scientists at ITAS are working on the use of microalgae for biomass production, as an alternative source of food, or for the production of climate-friendly fuels. Due to the visionary applications, ITAS offered the course in cooperation with Karin Müller from VHS Karlsruhe in the first semester of 2018 as a component of the VHS FrauenAkademie (women’s academy). The cooperation aims to promote civil dialogue and knowledge sharing.

Unlike common event formats, Christine Rösch and Max Roßmann as lecturers from ITAS not only gave insights into the issues, methodology, and results of algae research at KIT. Rather, the researchers aimed to actively involve citizens in the research and to integrate their knowledge as well as their expectations and critical remarks. The findings gained in this way will, among other things, be used to formulate guidelines for decision makers in politics and business.

The offer at VHS included a tour of the algae research facilities at the Institute for Pulsed Power and Microwave Technology (IHM) at KIT Campus North in mid-July 2018, which also provided an opportunity for exchange with scientists from the KIT microalgae platform. Mirco Katzenmeyer (IBLT-BVT) and Aude Silve (IHM) participated in the discussion. The concept was met with great enthusiasm by the public and researchers alike. It is planned to offer similar formats also on other topics in the future. (26.07.2018)

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