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Conference on energy scenarios

Providing orientation for the design of the future energy system is the promise of energy scenarios. How their quality can be assessed and which role they play for society, the economy, and politics will be discussed by experts in Karlsruhe in September.
Konferenz zu Energieszenarien
Energy scenarios open up new perspectives on possible futures of the energy system. (Photo: Karen Nyberg / NASA)

Energy scenarios play a crucial role in today’s political and public debate on the design of the future energy system. At the same time, their preparation and application are associated with great challenges. The international conference “Energy Scenarios – Construction, Assessment, and Impact” on 24 and 25 September 2018 in Karlsruhe aims at presenting the current state of research on energy scenarios. Subjects of the discussion are, among others, common standards for the evaluation of its quality and its role in the public and political debate on the energy transition. 

Talks in three parallel sessions focus on the fields of “construction”, “assessment”, and “impact” of energy scenarios as mentioned in the conference title. International perspectives on the topic are presented in the keynote speeches by Leena Srivastava, professor and vice-chancellor at the TERI School of Advanced Studies in New Delhi (India), and Volker Krey, deputy program director at IIASA in Laxenburg (Austria). On the second conference day, the panel will discuss the “Role of Energy Scenarios in Energy Policy”. Participants can also attend an excursion to the large-scale research sector of KIT.

The conference is organized by the Helmholtz Research School on Energy Scenarios (ESS), a graduate school that is cooperatively managed by six research institutes with an administrative office at ITAS. Registration is now open. (19.07.2018)

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