Autonomous driving in the border triangle

Supported by EUCOR, a consortium of five universities in the border triangle of Germany, France, and Switzerland, an interdisciplinary seminar on cross-border issues of autonomous driving was held on 29 and 30 May at ITAS.

The event, initiated by lawyers Sabine Gless and Wolfgang Wohlers of the University of Basel in cooperation with ITAS, was attended by students and lecturers of philosophy, computer science, and law from the Universities of Basel and Strasbourg and the KIT. The two-day EUCOR seminar “Autonomous driving in the border triangle” was supported by judges from the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe.

The topics revolved around ethical and legal issues as well as their possible implementation in software. Appropriate to the context of EUCOR, the focus of attention was on cross-border issues: Under what conditions may autonomous vehicles pass the borders? And how best to deal with the different driving cultures, deviating national traffic rules, and constitutional provisions? It became clear that there are significant differences between the three countries involved, for example, with regard to the principles that may or should be followed in dilemma situations – and that therefore interdisciplinary and cross-border communication plays an important role in shaping this field of technology. (05.06.2018)

Weiterführende Links:

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