Robotics and Work: The future today

ITAS robotics expert António Brandão Moniz analyses the actual relation between employment and technology. By taking the example of Portugal he examines ethical, legal and social aspects of the ongoing process of automatization.
Robótica e Trabalho: o future hoje

By approaching the topic of robotics-work relation in a general and international context the book allows to understand the main discussion themes and dimensions included in the debate. It aims to understand the possible answers and available alternatives in the field of robotics and work.

The ITAS based sociologist António Brandão Moniz analyses the relation between employment and technology and the underlying process of automation and rationalization with robotics as a technology reference. Further topics are the emergence of ethical, legal and social aspects of this technology, the development that can be perceived in the case of Portugal, and the conclusions about the limits and perspectives of new robotic developments.

This edition uses empirical information on the Portuguese case and also includes data from the main resources of the global debate on this issue: the new developments of automation and its relation with the work content and employment. Discussions at the ITAS Working Group on Robotics Technology Assessment, and at the ITAS Research Group on Technology and Work also contributed to the book which is included in a series supported by the Portuguese-American Foundation for Development (FLAD). (09.05.2018)

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Brandão Moniz, António
Robótica e Trabalho: o future hoje (Robotics and Work: The future today). Lisbon: Glaciar Ed. 2018, ISBN 978-989-8776-69-3, 251 pp.