Kick-off for ENRES course of lectures

Promoting and interconnecting PhD theses on the supply of resources and energy is the aim of a joint course of lectures by ITAS and the Universities Stuttgart and Pforzheim. Now the PhD students officially started their work.

The kick-off meeting for the co-operative course of lectures “Energy systems and resource efficiency” (ENRES) was held on 26 April 2017 at the Institute for Industrial Ecology at Pforzheim University. ENRES is the outcome of a joint initiative of KIT and the Universities Pforzheim and Stuttgart and is funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg and KIT. The aim of the course of lectures is to supervise innovative research topics on the supply of resources and energy and allow for a specialist, transdisciplinary exchange in new teams. It is managed by Armin Grunwald, head of ITAS, and Mario Schmidt, head of the Institute for Industrial Ecology at Pforzheim University.

Three PhD projects at ITAS

ITAS is represented in ENRES by three young researchers. Jasmin Friedrich investigates the water-energy nexus. In this context, she examines the savings potential for material and energetic resources in the building stock and the use of the result for school education. Max Roßmann analyzes the evaluation of biogenic systems for an energy production in line with demand against the background of political discourses. Biogas plants also generate power during lulls and darkness, but are these able to compete with energy storage facilities? Stefanie Raysz researches the extent to which technical and social innovations of ecovillages can be transferred to cities.

The fellows took the opportunity at the kick-off to get to know each other and identify links between their works and also potential synergies. Henceforth they want to intensify their co-operation at regular meetings and workshops to extend their respective methodological competences beyond their own narrow specialist framework. (09.05.2017)

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