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Search for a final repository: ITAS head member of advisory group

The two houses of the German Parliament appointed Armin Grunwald to the national advisory group for the selection of a final repository site for highly radioactive waste. The group shall accompany the process as supervisor and mediator.
Armin Grunwald, Leiter des Instituts für Technikfolgenabschätzung und Systemanalyse (ITAS)
Committed member of the national advisory group for the selection of a final repository site: ITAS head Armin Grunwald (photo: Markus Breig / KIT)

"The search for a final repository with the best possible security can only be successful if a broad consensus in society is achieved", explains Armin Grunwald. Prior to his appointment to the national advisory group on 24./25. November 2016, the head of the Institute of Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) has also been a member of the commission on "Storage of Highly Radioactive Waste Material" of the German Bundestag. Its recommendations for the further procedure and the criteria for the site search were presented in July 2016.

The national advisory group plays an important role in the search for a final repository. Its main task is to mediate and supervise the site selection process. It is also in dialog and active exchange with the public and all the actors involved to conciliate in case of conflicts.

Initially the board which belongs to the Federal Ministry for the Environment consists of three citizens and six renowned personalities from public life. Their reports will be publicly available, including dissenting opinions. Chairman is the former minister of the environment Klaus Töpfer. The actual search for a final repository for highly radioactive waste material including civic participation and regional conferences shall start not later than 2018. (01.12.2016)

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