Technology assessment in Japan and Europe

Researchers from Japan and Europe reflect together in this book on country-specific developments to identify the required conditions to anchor technology assessment in science, politics, and society.

The publication consists of the proceedings and related discussions of a workshop entitled "Technology Assessment: A Stable Solution or Only Relevant Under Pressure?" which was held in Tokyo on 11 July 2014. This workshop was jointly organized by the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) and JST/RISTEX, the Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society, of the Japan Science and Technology Agency. The event also had the assistance of the University Nova Lisbon in Portugal.

The authors of this book present to their readers the papers of this scientific dialogue. Their aim is to promote the mutual understanding of complex societies that are facing important new demands in terms of technological opportunities and societal changes. In fact, the goal of technology assessment (TA) is to lend support to society and policy making by promoting understanding of the problems related to the grand sociotechnical challenges of our time, as well as to assess the available options for managing them. Such knowledge is beneficial to the Japanese and European scientific communities dealing with technology assessment and policy advice in innovative contexts. (13.07.2016)

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Moniz, António Brandão und Okuwada, Kumi (Hrsg.)
Technology Assessment in Japan and Europe, Karlsruhe: KIT Scientific Publishing 2016
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