PACITA conference proceedings published

Future challenges for technology assessment (TA) were in the focus of the international conference "The Next Horizon of Technology Assessment" in February 2015. The papers and discussions are now available in the proceedings.

The second European TA conference was the final event of the EU project PACITA (Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment) which dealt with methods, practices, and institutions for knowledge-based policy advice on subjects like science, technology, or innovations.

The focus of both the conference and the recently published proceedings was on the role of TA and its current and future challenges. Especially the so-called "Grand Challenges" like demographic change, sustainable energy or mobility, climate change and resource efficiency, or security of citizens are pressing issues where TA can contribute considerably. As a concept which is interdisciplinary, giving policy advice, and involving the public, it can help to better understand and provide options to cope with these challenges. The project partners are united in their aim to find societally "robust" and practical ways to shape the future.

The proceedings, which are available online, contain the majority of the presented papers. They also include summaries of special formats like round table or panel discussions during the conference. The proceedings are divided into three main sections: "TA and Policy Making", "Subject Area of TA Practice", and "TA Methods and Concepts". It offers a broad overview on current and future topics and at the same dares to provide a conceptual reflection and also the related look into the future of TA. (14.03.2016)

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Constanze Scherz, Tomáš Michalek, Leonhard Hennen, Lenka Hebáková, Julia Hahn, Stefanie B. Seitz (Hrsg.)
The Next Horizon of Technology Assessment. Proceedings from the PACITA 2015 Conference in Berlin. Prague: Technology Centre ASCR 2015.

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