Delegation of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) visited ITAS

During one week, five scientists of TPU presented their current research project in workshops and discussions, exchanged ideas and gained experience with TA and RRI.
Visit at ITAS (from left to right): Natalia Goncharova, Armin Grunwald, Natalia Cherepanova, Denis Chaykovskiy, Constanze Scherz, Marina Ryzhkova (foreground), and Ivan Zernin

As part of a Russian excellence initiative, the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) has launched a project entitled “Responsible Resource Management”. The goal is to bring together sustainability research, technology assessment, responsible research and innovation (RRI) and technical research at TPU. At the initiative of Eberhard Umbach (member of the International Advisory Board at TPU and former President of KIT), five project participants from the "Institute of Humanities, Social Sciences and Technologies" spent five days at ITAS, led by Denis Chaykovskiy.

The main topics were approaches and methods of TA, principles of RRI, organization of university teaching, working in multidisciplinary teams, and stakeholder involvement. The guests from Tomsk and several ITAS colleagues presented and discussed their projects in numerous workshops. The events were characterized by a productive working atmosphere and lively exchange of ideas. The week was rounded off by a tour of research facilities on the KIT Campus North.

The intense week has not only brought new findings on both sides but also possibilities for future cooperation between ITAS and TPU. (08.02.2016)

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