ITAS is organizing an International Summer School

Till 28 February 2016 PhD students may apply for the Summer School in Donostia / San Sebastian (Spain) on "Techno Science Societies: Between Myth Formation and Societal Structure".

For the third time ITAS is organizing an international summer school in cooperation with the University of the Basque Country for PhD students from different academic disciplines. The main goals are the development of new research perspectives and contributions to current fundamental research topics of the social sciences. A further goal is to support PhD students in their work and to set up an international network of PhD students. The main objective of this summer school is to grasp the reciprocal dynamic of changing social structures and the narratives involved. What is the relation between changing social structures and new requirements for regulation? What role do political myths play within these processes?

PhD students from the social sciences, philosophy and related disciplines are invited to apply by 28 February 2016. Keynote lectures will be given by Prof. Karin Knorr-Cetina (University of Chicago), Prof. Maja Horst (University of Copenhagen) and Prof. Andrew Stirling (University of Sussex). The five-day summer school (July, 18 to 22, 2016) takes place under the direction of Prof. Andoni Ibarra (University of the Basque Country), PD Dr. Stefan Böschen (ITAS) and Dr. Bettina-Johanna Krings (ITAS) from 18th to 22nd of July 2016 in Donostia / San Sebastian, Spain. (18.01.2016)

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