Professor Michael Decker appointed as collegial head of institute

The presidential committee of KIT has appointed Michael Decker in consultation with the institute as second head of ITAS. This is the successful conclusion of a process initiated by Armin Grunwald who was the sole head of the institute so far.
Henceforth they manage ITAS together: Michael Decker (left) and Armin Grunwald

With its new dual leadership, the institute is well-prepared for the numerous requests for participation in both scientific and administrative contexts within and outside the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). "I am especially pleased by the broad support of the ITAS members," explained the new head at today’s assembly of the institute staff.

Michael Decker has been at ITAS since 2003 and became deputy head of the institute in 2004. Since 2009 he has also held a university professorship in technology assessment at the Institute of Philosophy at KIT. According to custom at KIT, the official start of this new set-up of the ITAS management is dated to the month after the senate’s decision, in this case October 2014. (22.06.2015)

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