On the way to the man machine? [13.11.2014]

ITAS Veranstaltungsreihe technik.kontrovers

On Tuesday, 25 November 2014, ITAS will start the new series of events "technik.kontrovers". At theme nights every three months ITAS scientists will get into dialog with the public on societally controversial technology issues.

Has the amalgamation between man and machine already become reality? What is sure is that the technology which has been pressed upon and into us in recent years changes us – and our social coexistence. At the beginning of the ITAS series "technik.kontrovers" researchers will consider what it means if digital technologies in particular become an ever-increasing part of our life. At the theme night "Man, machine | machine man?" on Tuesday, 25 November at 6 p.m. at ITAS (Karlstraße 11, Karlsruhe), they will outline the conflicts and connections between man and machine from different perspectives and will also involve the visitors.

The events of "technik.kontrovers" – which will be regularly held at ITAS in the future – are intended to communicate science in a linking, interactive, and multifaceted way. Therefore ITAS scientists deliberately refrain from the stylistic devices of traditional lectures. Instead, they convey different views on the societal dimension of certain fields of technology by giving only short impulses and are open for the direct – and why not also controversial – dialog with the public.

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