LCA workshop for young researchers [12.11.2014]

The Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) organizes an interactive, full-day workshop on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for young researches in or around Karlsruhe on February 2nd 2015. The workshop topic is "Data uncertainty in Life Cycle Assessment". PhD-students, university students, post-docs and other young LCA researchers are invited to discuss and share experience with their peers.

Furthermore the workshop gives the opportunity to collectively develop new ideas for work and beyond. An important aspect of the meeting is the establishment of a local LCA network in the Karlsruhe region, since the city and its surroundings are home to several internationally renowned institutes that are working in the field of Life Cycle Assessment. The workshop is organized by ITAS-researchers Benedikt Zimmermann, Franziska Kugler and Winfried Bulach.

The workshop’s topic is "uncertainty"

Uncertainty is an issue faced by any LCA researcher. In the workshop the different levels and types of uncertainty will be explored. Subsequently, ways to handle uncertainty in practice, for example statistical methods or sensitivity analysis, are discussed within the group.

Further information

Workshop participation is free of charge, but registration is required. The registration deadline is December 15th 2014. More information and a registration form can be found on the event’s website.