Institute for Technology Assessment and  Systems Analysis (ITAS)

New dissertation project on sustainable options to improve waste management [19.09.2014]

In the last decades, municipal solid waste management has become one of the most controversial societal issues discussed mainly by decision makers, non-governmental agencies and relevant research areas. Waste is considered by many specialists as a symbol of inefficiency of any modern society and an outcome of misallocated resources. While good waste management practices reduce waste in developed countries, waste streams continue to raise in the fastest growing economies with few control systems in place. Although waste management is a huge challenge especially in developing countries, there is a lack of appropriate scientific studies.

The dissertation project "Sustainable options to improve the waste management of Belo Horizonte, Brazil" seeks to analyze Belo Horizonte city as an example of the challenges and opportunities that similar cities are facing for reducing the quantity of waste for final treatment and disposal. In this context, the scientific work will provide an assessment of waste management technologies for recovery of useful materials and energy to overcome environmental, social and economic problems due to waste growth and its impact.

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