Second step of the TRANSFORuM project (Transforming European Transport through an Active Actors Forum) completed [30.06.2014]

The second series of four thematic workshops within the TRANSFORuM project is now completed. Together with its TRANSFORuM partners ITAS organized four thematic workshops which were held in May and June 2014:

  • Urban Mobility: workshop in Copenhagen on 14/15 May
  • Long-distance freight: workshop in Duisburg on 4/5 June
  • High-speed Rail: Workshop in Rome on 12/13 June
  • Multimodal Information, Management and Payment: workshop in Tallinn on 20/21 May

A number of selected stakeholders were personally invited to each of these workshops, in order to discuss the project’s progress towards developing a roadmap comprising the four goals, mentioned above, of the European Commission’s 2011 Transport White Paper.

Draft versions of these roadmaps as well as other background material concerning the workshops are publicly available on the project website. ITAS and the TRANSFORuM team are looking forward to take the comprehensive contributions and recommendations from the workshops and finalize the roadmaps in the next months.

The four thematic roadmaps will be presented at the end of the project, together with recommendations on joint actions across the four policy fields and together with a strategic outlook on the further development of the European transport sector beyond 2030. This final conference will take place in Brussels on 8 December 2014, registration is already possible.

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