"Karlsruhe School of Sustainability" started [24.06.2014]

In 2014, the university-wide "Karlsruhe School of Sustainability" (KSS) was founded under the roof of the KIT-Focus Humans and Technology. In the KSS, several different programs in the field of higher education for sustainable development will be established over the next few years:

An introduction to the sustainability-oriented research at KIT for first-year students ("KIT-Intro"), a transdisciplinary elective module for all students ("Sustainability and Transformation"), courses for graduates, and "Public Sustainability Science". A master's course on sustainable development is also in planning. To realize this broad spectrum of courses and modules, KSS cooperates with a number of institutions and centers within the KIT which are either engaged in interdisciplinary teaching or in sustainability research, like ITAS.

A specific topic in the profile of Karlsruhe School of Sustainability is theory and implementation of "personal sustainability". This accentuation emphasizes the integrative understanding of education, and offers a connection to the daily life of participants and scientist alike – because sustainable development requires a culture of sustainability, which cannot remain limited to its academic aspects.

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