Winner of the university competition 2014 "Mehr als Bits und Bytes" [12.06.2014]

C. Schneider and J. Hahn

The project proposal "Which knowledge do we want? Responsible ways to collaboratively shape digital knowledge" is one of 15 winners of the German wide university competition "More than bits and bytes – junior researchers communicate their work". Julia Hahn and Christoph Schneider of the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) together with FabLab Karlsruhe e. V. want to uncover what responsible innovations in a digital society could look like. To achieve this, they will host three interdisciplinary and interactive workshops with citizens, technology developers and researchers. The realization of these workshops will be possible with the prize money of 10.000 Euros. The university competition is an activity within the Science Year 2014 dedicated to "The Digital Society" which is organized by "Wissenschaft im Dialog" and the Federal Ministry for Science and Education.

The aim of the workshops is to explore possibilities for shared responsibility for innovations by way of the creation of technologies and visions of the future. Abstract concepts such as "responsibility", "digital knowledge" and "innovation" will be made concrete. The workshops are inspired by the open source movement and the new culture of open workshops such as the FabLab Karlsruhe which all revolve around digital knowledge. Open source technologies will be the practical input for the workshops in order to create wider visions of the future of knowledge. In a concluding public event the project, the research process and its results will be presented to a larger public.

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