EU project: SYNENERGENE [12.12.2013]

Synthetic biology – the design and construction of artificial biological systems – offers potential for applications in energy, health and the environment. Yet it also entails challenges for politics and society, many of which are inconceivable in this early development phase.

The aim of the SYNENERGENE project is to initiate various activities with a view to stimulating and fostering debate on the opportunities and risks of synthetic biology. Conceptualized as a so-called "Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan" (MMLAP), the project will involve various academic and societal actors from Europe and other countries in numerous activities such as citizen consultations, theatrical debates, and monitoring activities. The project, in its four years of runtime, seeks to establish a sustainable dialogue on synthetic biology. The involved stakeholders will shape this new field together, engage in mutual learning and develop sustainable agendas for the future development of synthetic biology.

Coordinated by ITAS, more than 25 networks and institutions from Europe and the Americas are involved in this project funded by the European Commission. ITAS has also been commissioned to lead the SYNENERGENE platform on "Research and Policy", the aim of which is to identify demands and strategies for the political regulation of synthetic biology.

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