ITAS project "Biomasse OUI" contributes to "Dialog Science" [08.10.2013]

In autumn 2013, on the initiative of the Tri-national Metropolis Region Upper of the Rhine (TMO) the "Dialog Science" will take place for the second time – trans-boundary weeks of science, focusing this year on the topic "renewable energies". In the organizational committee of "Dialog Science" staff members of the ITAS project "Biomasse OUI - Innovations for sustainable utilization of biomass in the Upper Rhine Region" co-developed the current program. At the start event of the series, on October 14th 2013 from 5 to 7.30 PM in the assembly hall of Freiburg University, representatives of science politics will discuss with scientists, who will present examples for the research on renewables on the Upper Rhine, such as the concept of "Biomasse OUI".

This ITAS project is currently funded by the Scientific Offensive of the (TMO) and aims to draft a "Roadmap for sustainable biomass utilization in the URR", to be used as an action plan and a strategic guideline for the implementation of a sustainable utilization of biomass as a renewable energy source and / or as a raw material. For that purpose, within the project "Biomasse OUI" all relevant aspects of the biomass value chain (production, transportation, utilization) are studied, different development alternatives are depicted through scenarios, potential impacts are analyzed in terms of sustainability criteria and a local dialogue on the advantages and disadvantages of using biomass is launched.

Therefore, "Biomasse OUI" jointly with TRION, the network for energy and climate of the TMO, will contribute yet another event for the manifold agenda of the "Dialog Science" series with a tri-national workshop on the subject "Sustainable biomass utilization on the Upper Rhine". On November 29th 2013 in the Palais de Congrès of Strasbourg representatives from administration, politics and science get the chance to exchange their views on suitable measures on the way of the TMO to one of the most innovative regions with respect to a sustainable utilization of biomass’. Three thematic divisions are foreseen: "Analysis of biomass potentials", "utilization pathways: examples from practice" and "sustainability aspects in biomass utilization".

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