New publication: "Handbuch Technikethik" [10.09.2013]

Ethics of technology is a relatively new sub-discipline of applied ethics with multiple points of contact to technology assessment. Its rapid development during the last decades is due to the increasing demand of ethical reasoning and judgment in the course of more recent scientific and technical developments in many fields. Nuclear energy, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, Internet are just some of the fields in which new and controversial ethical issues have come up.

"Handbuch Technikethik" (edited by Armin Grunwald) is the first manual for this specific field. It includes more than 80 contributions covering in a comprehensive way the history of the techno-ethical discourse, the relevant notions and concepts, its philosophical and ethical foundations, the main issues and controversies, as well as the interdisciplinary implications and relations.

In addition to traditional technology fields such as genetic engineering, robotics or military technology also areas rarely addressed are dealt with such as animals and technology, computer games, food industry, geo- and hydro-technology and synthetic chemistry.

The proximity to technology assessment is also shown by the fact that a number of authors from this field, especially from ITAS, have contributed.

Bibliographic data:

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Handbuch Technikethik. Unter Mitarbeit von Melanie Simonidis-Puschmann. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2013. 435 S.,
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