Project started: Kick-off meeting of TRANSFORuM [12.04.2013]

The FP7 project TRANSFORuM (Transforming European Transport through an Active Actors Forum) started with the kick-off meeting from February 20 to 22, 2013 in Cologne. Coordinated by Rupprecht Consult (Cologne), eleven partners from across nine European countries contribute to this project that aims at helping to implement four key goals of the European Transport White Paper:

  • Clean Urban Transport and CO2‐free city logistics (goal 1)
  • Shift of road freight to rail and waterborne transport (goal 3)
  • Complete and maintain the European high‐speed rail network (goal 4)
  • European multimodal information, management and payment system (goal 8)

TRANSFORuM will produce concrete implementation‐oriented outputs, including recommendations of joint actions as required by the actors / stakeholders.

The kick-off meeting brought important preparations that will help to implement a discussion forum which is a core activitiy of the project. The discussion forum will ensure intense involvement of stakeholders and actors who will be offered a number of conferences and workshops structured along the selected goals of the White Paper.

Within the project, main task of ITAS will be the development of roadmaps for the four thematic areas to support and accelerate the implementation of the White Paper goals. In an iterative process, these implementation-oriented roadmaps will be developed together with the members of the forum and will then build the ground for concrete recommendations for joint actions and policies for reaching the goals. The project will apply targeted dissemination and communication activities to further stimulate implementation of the White Paper goals.

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