International expert workshop on future demand in the European transport sector [11.04.2013]

A workshop with international experts on the topic of societal 'megatrends' and their implications on future mobility demand took place on March 08, 2013 in Portugal. The workshop was part of the FP7 project "FUTRE" (FUture prospects on TRansport evolution and innovation challenges for the competitiveness of Europe). Experts from different fields – from aviation to cycling, from freight logistics to urban passenger transport – were brought together in the inspiring atmosphere of an ancient monastery to discuss how such megatrends might look like and how they might influence potential futures of the transport sector.

The main focus of FUTRE is on the challenges that arise from the co-evolution of societal and technical developments and that influence the future competitiveness of the European transport sector. The results of the workshop will serve as a starting point to draft potential pathways of the future European transport demand, where ITAS will mainly work on the issue of passenger transport.

Apart from this demand-oriented analysis of global challenges and demand drivers in the transport sector and their influences on the transport sector, ITAS and the project partners will also take a close look at upcoming innovations on the supply-side of the transport sector. Focus is on such innovations that are expected to have 'systemic effects' and to get relevant in the time horizon of the year 2030 and beyond. Finally, ITAS will support the framing of integrative scenarios to describe possible futures of the European transport sector, providing insights into the expected impacts on the international competitiveness of the European transport sector.

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