New publication: Alternative drive concepts in case of changing mobility pattern [15.03.2013]

In March 2012 ITAS and the Institute for Industrial Production (IIP) jointly organized a workshop on alternative drive concepts under conditions of changing mobility patterns. The topic of the workshop was whether future mobility patterns will be determined by alternative drive concepts or whether mobility pattern will change in a way that drive concepts have to follow. Of specific interest was the question whether mobility patterns will deeply change and move towards integrated multi-modal mobility.

These questions were discussed from four different perspectives: (1) Development of the individual mobility patterns, (2) state of the art and perspectives of technology development, (3) systemic impacts and (4) possible futures of mobility. Alternative drive concepts under discussion were conventional combustion engines using biofuels, electric motors with fuel cells or with battery. The alternative concepts had to fulfill different requirements, taking especially into account the German Energiewende: the concepts should be technological feasible, economically and environmentally sound, and should comply with the political and legal frames, and should, last not least, be accepted by society.

Selected presentations are now published in a book edited by Witold-Roger Poganietz and Armin Grunwald together with Patrick Jochem and Wolf Fichtner. In the proceedings contributions from ITAS staff (Jens Buchgeister and Jens Schippl together with Patrick Jochem (IIP)) are included. The proceedings are published open access by KIT Scientific Publishing and can be downloaded.

Bibliographic information:
Jochem, P.; Poganietz, W.-R.; Grunwald, A.; Fichtner, W. (eds.)
Alternative Antriebskonzepte bei sich wandelnden Mobilitätsstilen: Tagungsbeiträge vom 08. und 09. März 2012 am KIT. Karlsruhe: KIT Scientific Publishing, 2013. ISBN 978-3-86644-944-2. DOI