ITAS supports five national Biomass Support Centers in the Project BioenNW [12.10.2012]

Within the EU Interreg Project "Delivering Local Bioenergy to North-Western Europe - BioenNW", ITAS supports five national Biomass support Centers by modeling regional potentials for the sustainable utilization of biomass. Therefore a GIS based model (Geographic Information System) is developed at ITAS which allows the integration of spatial information, e.g. soil data and land use data and thus the consideration of techno-economic as well as ecological restrictions in a spatial context. The model is particularly developed to assess the sustainable potentials and spatial distribution of agriculture and forestry residues and organic wastes within the five exemplary regions of the Biomass Support Centers (North Rhine-Westphalia, Île-de-France, West Midlands, Wallonia and South Netherlands).

The joint project aims to work out and to implement concepts for providing local bioenergy through the utilization of biogenic residuals, and pursuits an innovative technical approach for the integration of anaerobic digestion (biogas plants) and pyrolysis. The results of the modeling of biomass potentials at ITAS will be incorporated in a Decision Support System (DSS) that capacitates the BSC personnel and investors to jointly identify suitable substrates, sites and technologies for the regional biomass exploitation.

The aim of the national Biomass Support Centers (BSC) is to answer questions concerning the energetic utilization of biomass in the respective regions. The service is available for actors from administration, industry and politics. The agencies in Liège (Belgium), Birmingham (United Kingdom), Les Mureaux (France) and Eindhoven (Netherlands) are already established. On October the 26th 2012 the Biomass Support Center in Jülich (Germany) will eventually be launched.

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