New publication: Der Systemblick auf Innovation [06.06.2012]

Within this volume contributions are gathered dealing with socio-economic innovations from the perspective of a prospective systemic view. An early and comprehensive consideration of the societal changes associated with technical innovations is crucial for their success. The corresponding challenges for research are approached from different perspectives and against various disciplinary backgrounds and, thus, options and constraints in technology design and innovation policy are illustrated.

The book is an outcome of the fourth conference (NTA4) of Netzwerk TA, the network for technology assessment of German speaking countries, held in Berlin November 2010. As in the case of the three preceding NTA conferences, the revised scientific contributions are published in the series "society, technology, environment" of edition sigma issued by ITAS.

Bibliographical informations:
Michael Decker, Armin Grunwald, Martin Knapp (eds.)
Der Systemblick auf Innovation - Technikfolgenabschätzung in der Technikgestaltung. Berlin: edition sigma 2012 (Gesellschaft - Technik - Umwelt, Neue Folge 16). ISBN 978-3-89404-946-1, 469 S.