Summer School of EU project PACITA [13.04.2012]

The European project PACITA (Parliaments and Civil Society in Technology Assessment, FP7, Science in Society) is happy to announce the first European summer school on Parliamentary Technology Assessment (PTA). The three and a half days of lectures and combined workshops by professional TA experts from all over Europe will focus on the theme of renewable energy systems and the role PTA can play in such a highly relevant social, political, economic and environmental topic.

Target groups include policy-makers, academics in relevant fields, PhD students, research fund secretaries, R&D professionals, science policy officers, civil society organizations involved in policymaking, leading members of relevant NGOs, industrialists, social partners, customer organizations and science writers or journalists. The summer school definitely wants to build on this diversity of TA users’ expertise and professional backgrounds. It especially encourages participants from countries with no formalized PTA bodies.

Lectures will comprise: Basic insight into the field of TA and renewable energies; problem definition and research design in TA; The method toolbox for Technology Assessment; Communication strategy and the strive for impact; The role of user in PTA.

During workshops in smaller groups participants will have an active role. Facilitated by professionals in the domain, they will be encouraged to rely on their own disciplinary expertise and professional experience.

Further information for venue and registration:
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