New publication: "Teaching technology assessment" [13.03.2012]

Technology assessment is a relatively young transdisciplinary research field which came into being as scientific policy advice and non-university research. In the last two decades, TA has been established at universities too. Consequently, teaching TA has become a new important task of TA. However, up to now, this development has not been properly addressed in thorough reflections on TA education. This is where the authors begin by presenting conceptional frameworks, case studies, and forms of curricular embedding of TA education. The authors further hold that TA is standing out by an inherent educational value which is most visible when looking at its transdisciplinary methods. Therefore, an education focused on methods looks promising with respect to TA and other transdisciplinary fields.

The volume contains contributions by M. M. Adomßent, S. Albrecht, R. Beecroft, V. Beusmann, S. Böschen, M. Decker, M. Dusseldorp, M. Gottschick, A. Grunwald, B. Helbig, M. F. Jischa, R. Kollek, R. Meyer, G. Michelsen, A. B. Moniz, E. v. Oost, O. Renn, G. Ropohl, H. Schäfers, J. C. Schmidt, R. W. Scholz, R. v. Schomberg, M. Schulz, G. Simonis, M. Sotoudeh, M. Stauffacher, and B. Stegmann.

Bibliographic information:

Dusseldorp, M.; Beecroft, R. (Hrsg.)
Technikfolgen abschätzen lehren. Bildungspotenziale transdisziplinärer Methoden. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, 2012. ISBN: 978-3-531-17908-7
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