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Newly published: "Sustainable Development - The Cultural Perspective" [12.01.2012]

Sustainable Development - The Cultural Perspective

In this publication the relationship between culture and sustainability is analyzed on an interdisciplinary and international level, conceptionally as well as generically.

The cultural perspective that has found its way into the political discourse only as an addition to the subject of social sustainability in the context of the sustainability debate (aside from few exceptions) is gradually establishing itself as a separate field. The emerging political discourse is accompanied by an intense scientific debate. A multidisciplinary reflection offers the chance to look more closely and from different points of view at the multifaceted spectrum of cultural sustainability. Furthermore, an overview across all disciplines that integrates the individual aspects is being sought in this issue, and the discussion around a methodologically appropriate assessment of the subject is taking place.

Bibliographic data:
Banse, G.; Nelson, G. L.; Parodi, O.
Sustainable development - The Cultural perspective. Concepts - aspects – examples. Berlin: edition sigma 2011. ISBN 978-3-89404-945-4, 384 S.
(Gesellschaft - Technik - Umwelt, Neue Folge 15)
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