Draft-version of the first part of an ITAS study regarding "green cements" with focus on Novacem® online available [02.05.2011]

In the framework of the ITAS-project "systems analysis to innovative cementious binder" new developments regarding climate friendly cements ("green cements") are investigated. In this context new cements like Novacem®, Calera™, Celitement®, TecEco, Greensols, Calix oder C-Fix can be mentioned. An assessment of these technologies with common methods is almost impossible due to lacking public available information. Therefore, technology assessment (TA) is in demand to bridge gaps. An important task of TA is to estimate and to assess the potentials, possibilities and risks of these technologies in an early stage of its development.

The goal is to establish first evaluations concerning the potentials of a new technology on the basis of state of knowledge considering main uncertainties. This includes investigations on the energy demand of the technology and CO2-balances performed on the basis of coherent model process chains.

First results of these systems analytical investigations are now presented in an ITAS-study "Are green cements the future? A first systems analytical approach evaluating innovative binders". The first part of these publications is focused on Novacem®, originally a development of the Imperial College London. A draft-version of this study which will be forthcoming inKIT Scientific Reportscan yet be downloaded as online-document.


Download of the document: pdf  (german)
Project homepage: here (german)