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Bridges between Science, Society and Policy - TAMI results published [15.11.2004]

Bridges between Science, Society and Policy

This book summarises the results of the project TAMI (Technology Assessment in Europe - between Method and Impact). This was a two-year thematic network, funded by the STRATA programme of the European Commission, that brought together the main institutes of technology assessment in Europe, both parliamentary and non-parliamentary. ITAS with the Europäische Akademie and POST formed the core group of the network. TAMI created a structured dialogue between technology assessment experts and policymakers on current methodologies and their impact on policymaking. The TAMI team explored and assessed the whole spectrum of methodologies from the "classical" to the "interactive/participatory" and "communicative," identified good practices in project implementation and set the stage for impact evaluation based on objective criteria. Finally this report offers a series of policy recommendations based on the findings of the project. Science, Society and Policy, are three areas that technology assessment functions within and works for; this book is an attempt to improve the interaction amongst them for a more socially and economically sustainable Science and Technology policy in Europe.

Decker, Michael; Ladikas, Miltos (Eds.):
Bridges between Science, Society and Policy. Technology Assessment - Methods and Impacts Berlin Heidelberg New York: Springer 2004 (Wissenschaftsethik und Technikfolgenbeurteilung , Band 22) XIV, 250 S., Geb., ISBN: 3-540-21283-3, 53,45 Euro

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