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First INDICARE Workshop about Mobil Music and DRM will be held on September 30, 2004, Berlin [16.08.2004]

The aim of "INDICARE", The INformed DIalogue about Consumer Acceptability of DRM Solutions in Europe, a project funded by the European Commission and co-ordinated by ITAS, is to contribute - from the perspective of consumers and users - to the deliberation of open questions about "Digital Rights Management" (DRM). To this end INDICARE provides a variety of means for information exchange and debate. Two of them are announced here: the first INDICARE Workshop to take place in Berlin, September 30, and the monthly INDICARE Monitor.

First INDICARE Workshop about "Business Models for Mobile Music and DRM"

The first INDICARE expert workshop about "Business Models for Mobile Music and DRM" will be held in Berlin on September 30, 2004. The workshop will bring together high-level experts from industry, academia and policy making to discuss the chances and challenges of the newly emerging mobile music market and the role of Digital Rights Management solutions. The conference will have an interdisciplinary approach with a focus on business models and market developments. Special attention will be paid to consumer issues - in particular the acceptability of new mobile music services for consumers. For more information on the program and how to participate please see the Events section of the INDICARE Website http://www.indicare.org/tiki-page.php?pageName=Events.

The INDICARE Monitor

The INDICARE Monitor is an electronic periodical of the EU-funded project INDICARE which is published every last Friday of a month. It aims to monitor technological, legal, business, and social developments concerning DRM solutions, especially in Europe, with the main aim of drawing attention to consumer and user concerns. Its purpose is to stimulate interaction of experts and public debate. The first issue was published at the end of June and the second at the end of July. Each article is provided with a comment-function to facilitate online debate.

The articles are available from the INDICARE Monitor page of the INDICARE website. http://indicare.berlecon.de/tiki-page.php?pageName=IndicareMonitor

More information about INDICARE:

  • Information about the project can be found on the INDICARE website here
  • A two page project description is available as a pdf-file here
  • A shorter project description is also directly available from the ITAS website here
  • The INDICARE partners of ITAS can be contacted on the Internet at Berlecon IViR BME
  • Information about the eContent-Programme of DG Information Society funding INDICARE is available here