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TA-Database-Newsletter No. 1, March 2000, online available [23.03.2000]

The special feature section of the first issue of the TA-Database-Newsletter in 2000 is devoted to problems and perspectives of the Waste Management Sector. The societal reaction to the waste issue is described in an historical perspective, recent developments in waste legislation of the European Communities are outlined, and the status and perspectives of biological waste treatment and utilization in Germany are described, including the collection and transportation of waste. In addition, a current systems analytical project of the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis on the utilization of organic wastes for energy production is presented and an overview of present activities of the Research Center Karlsruhe in research on waste management is given. The different aspects presented in the articles give a good overview over a research field which is characterized by highly dynamic development and multiple interactions and is also of great economic relevance.

The TA-institutions and -programs section contains contributions on the constitution of the Commission of Inquiry "Sustainable energy supply under the conditions of globalization and liberalization" of the 14th German Parliament in February this year; the concept of "Sustainability Impact Assessment" of the European Commission and the new research strategy in risk research at the Jülich Research Center. With its Unit "Market development potentials and socio-economic environment" the Deutsche Telekom has created an instrument for future research and innovation management in the firm. The conditions of the success of this unit are described. In addition, the activities of the Forschungsstelle der Evangelischen Studiengemeinde on sustainability indicators are presented,.

The TA-projects part mainly offers information on recently concluded projects from the energy and environmental fields, among them a study on advanced nuclear systems. A new project of the Arbeitskreis Technikfolgenabschätzung und -bewertung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen (Working Group on technology assessment and evaluation of the State of NRW) under the title "TA- Net NRW" is outlined, the goal of which is the creation of an internet based information and networking service for the sustainable shaping of technology in NRW.

The TA-relevant book reviews and conference reports cover a broad range of topics and are followed by the News from ITAS, which have as their main feature the presentation of a new EU-project on "Sustainable Urban Tourism: Involving Local Agents and Partnerships for New Forms of Government".