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Publikationen aus dem ITAS-Projekt
„Responsible Industry“

Seitenanfang   2015 2014   Seitenende

- 2015 -

Arnaldi, S.; Quaglio, G.; Ladikas, M.; O'Kane, H.; Karapiperis, T.; Srinivas, K.R.; Zhao, Y.
Responsible governance in science and technology policy: Reflections from Europe, China and India. Technology in Society (2015)42, S. 81-92

Hahn, J.
Responsible research and innovation - business-as-usual or opening-up the relationship between technology, science and society. Vortrag auf dem 3rd Annual workshop on the "Changing political economy of research and innovation: Geographies, value(s) and transitions", University of California, San Diego, USA, 23.-24.03.2015

Hahn, J.; Ladikas, M.
Responsible-Industry (GA 609817) - WP4.1 Stakeholder Mapping and Dialogue Strategy. Brüssel, Belgien: Europäische Union 2015

Seitenanfang   2015 2014   Seitenende

- 2014 -

Hahn, J.
Different perspectives of responsible research and innovation - an outline. Vortrag auf der International Graduate Summer School. San Sebastian, Spanien, 28.07.-01.08.2014