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Davi Ezequiel François

Publikationen von Davi Ezequiel François

Seitenanfang   2019 2018   Seitenende

- 2019 -

Poganietz, W.-R.; François, D.E.; Leao, R.P.S.; Antunes, F.L.M.
Changing the focus on energy poverty to the energy-poverty nexus. The case of rural Ceará - Brazil. Vortrag auf der 2nd International Conference on Energy and Social Social Science: Energy and Society in Transition, Tempe, AZ, USA, 28.-31.05.2019

Seitenanfang   2019 2018   Seitenende

- 2018 -

François, D.E.; Poganietz, W.-R.
Context energy scenarios for the energy-poverty nexus: Looking beyond the number of people with access to modern energies. Vortrag auf der ESS International Conference "Energy Scenarios - Construction, Assessment, and Impact", Karlsruhe, 24.-25.09.2018