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Research group “Sustainability and Social Transformation” (NugeT)

Despite various efforts, the “great transformation” (WBGU 2011) towards a more sustainable lifestyle and form of economic activity has stalled – at a global, national, and also regional level. In this process, it becomes more and more apparent that technical innovations are indeed indispensable and essential for sustainable development, but that social innovations and – eventually – a profound cultural change has to take place as well. Against this background, the research group addresses the societal challenges of sustainable development, particularly in urban spaces.

Their focus is on transdisciplinary and transformative research methods, aiming at the development, testing, and research of sustainable solutions in cooperation with science and society. This often implies a problem- and application-oriented approach. The group has long-term experience and particular competences in real-world lab research. Since 2012, it runs the real-world lab District Future with a large number of sub-projects and experiments and also provides significant theoretical and conceptual impulses for real-world lab research. The group is also responsible for the development of the Karlsruhe Transformation Center for Sustainable Futures and Cultural Change whose range of tasks includes not only research, but also education, consulting, innovation, reflection, and contemplation – always guided by the concept of sustainable development.

Head of research group
Portrait Title Name Phone E-Mail
Oliver Parodi
Dr. +49 721 608-26816 oliver parodiMin6∂kit edu

Members of research group
Portrait Title Name Phone E-Mail
Marius Albiez
+49 721 608-23968 m albiezKse7∂kit edu
Richard Beecroft
Dipl.-Ing. +49 721 608-24674 richard beecroftPlh0∂kit edu
Annika Fricke
M.Sc. +49 721 608-24707 annika frickeRnj2∂kit edu
Lea Herfs
+49 721 608-26280 lea herfsTuz8∂kit edu
Dipl.-Geoökol. +49 721 608-23993 sarah meyerZqs1∂kit edu
Andreas Seebacher
Dr. +49 721 608-23978 andreas seebacherRdg5∂kit edu
Volker Stelzer
Dr. +49 721 608-23474 volker stelzerLjb7∂kit edu
Helena Trenks
Dipl.-Ing. +49 721 608-26486 helena trenksKej0∂kit edu
Susanne Veith
+49 721 608-26348 susanne veithCrx8∂kit edu
Dr. +49 721 608-26360 felix wagnerUgm2∂kit edu
Colette Waitz
Dipl.-Umweltwiss. +49 721 608-23118 colette waitzKbn6∂kit edu
Eva Wendeberg
M.Sc. +49 721 608-24841 eva wendebergQsi5∂kit edu

Current projects
Title Project team Start