Institute for Technology Assessment and  Systems Analysis (ITAS)

News 2013

EU project: SYNENERGENE [12.12.2013]
The aim of the SYNENERGENE project is to initiate various activities with a view to stimulating and fostering debate on the opportunities and risks of synthetic biology. Conceptualized as a so-called "Mobilisation and Mutual Learning Action Plan" (MMLAP), the project will involve various academic and societal actors from Europe and other countries. more
ITAS and ENTRIA organized debate on the new law on site selection [06.12.2013]
The disposal of nuclear waste and residues stood in the centre of a debate taking place in the Audimax of KIT on 21.11.13. Especially questions related to public participation were discussed with the 170 attendees of the event. ITAS had organized it together with the speakers of the ENTRIA-project. more
Lessons from CONCERTO for policy-makers [05.12.2013]
As part of the Conference "Energy Solutions for Smart Cities and Communities", held from 22nd to 23rd of October 2013 in the European Commission in Brussels, ITAS led a session on the policy results of the analysis of the CONCERTO funding stream. more
CoverIssue 3/2013 of the ITAS journal "Technology Assessment - Theory and Practice" (TATuP) has been published [03.12.2013]
The thematic focus of this issue is titled "Fragile Evidence". more
New project: Engage2020 [02.12.2013]
The Engage2020 project will provide an overview of potential praxis in Horizon 2020 for societal engagement in research and innovation and related activities, with the aim of increasing the use of such praxis. more
New project about carbonization processes [29.11.2013]
The project aims at analyzing and assessing the selected carbonization processes for biogenic residues under technological and economic aspects. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Engler-Bunte-Institute. more
CoverNewly published: "Shaping Emerging Technologies" [28.11.2013]
This book is the fourth volume of the series "Studies of New and Emerging Technologies / S.NET". It contains a selection of the papers presented at the fourth Annual S.NET Conference that took place at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, October 2012. more
The S.NET annual conference 2014 comes to Karlsruhe [27.11.2013]
ITAS has been awarded to host the 2014 annual conference of the "Society for the Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies" (S.NET). The event will take place in Karlsruhe from the 21st to the 24th of September, 2014. more
"Feeding 10 billion people": Two relevant studies by ITAS for the European Parliament are now publicly available [26.11.2013]
In 2012 the Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel (STOA) of the European Parliament had set up a project titled "Feeding 10 billion people". ITAS has carried out two studies under this umbrella: "Options for Cutting Food Waste" and "Plant Breeding and Innovative Agriculture".
Logo TABNew publication: "Konzepte der Elektromobilität" [28.10.2013]
TAB presents a comprehensive study on the importance of electric mobility for the economy, society and environment. more
ZeitzeicheN Sustainability Award for "District Future" [21.10.2013]
The "District Future – Urban Lab" project was granted the 2013 ZeitzeicheN German Local Sustainability Award in the category of "ZeitzeicheN Ideas". The German-wide Network 21 Congress handed over the award on October 8th 2013 at the Neues Schloss, Stuttgart. more
Armin Grunwald has been appointed member of the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group on Energy [16.10.2013]
European Union's new funding program Horizon 2020 is conceptualized as single framework program for research and innovation. For the development of the specific work programs in Horizon 2020 and further tasks a number of external Advisory Groups are being established. more
ITAS project "Biomasse OUI" contributes to "Dialog Science" [08.10.2013]
In autumn 2013, on the initiative of the Tri-national Metropolis Region Upper of the Rhine (TMO) the "Dialog Science" will take place for the second time – trans-boundary weeks of science, focusing this year on the topic "renewable energies". In the organizational committee of "Dialog Science" staff members of the ITAS project "Biomasse OUI" co-developed the current program. more
CoverNew publication: "Handbuch Technikethik" [10.09.2013]
"Handbuch Technikethik" (edited by Armin Grunwald) is the first manual for this specific field. It includes more than 80 contributions covering in a comprehensive way the history of the techno-ethical discourse, the relevant notions and concepts, its philosophical and ethical foundations as well as the main issues and controversies. more
Logo TABThe German Bundestag continues to rely on TAB and the advice of ITAS in the new contract period [29.08.2013]
In the next five years, ITAS will go on operating the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Parliament (TAB). more
CoverIssue 2/2013 of the ITAS journal "Technology Assessment - Theory and Practice" (TATuP) has been published [02.08.2013]
The thematic focus of this issue is titled "Energiewende 2.0" ("Energy Transition 2.0"). more
ITAS is a member of ENTRIA, which is a research platform dealing with the final disposal of nuclear waste [01.08.2013]
ENTRIA is an acronym and stands for the German equivalent of "Disposal options for radioactive waste material. Interdisciplinary analyses and development of a criteria-based preliminary evaluation of the main options." The project is designed as "research platform". ITAS is responsible for one of the central non-technical modules of the ENTRIA project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. more
Project "Future Energy Systems" has started [31.07.2013]
The purpose of the project "Future Energy Systems" of the German academies of science is to bring together interdisciplinary scientific expertise available in Germany to contribute to the solution of the various challenges rising with the energy transition. more
"District Future" Work report and Brainstorming Workshop on 22 June 2013 at KIT [26.07.2013]
The "District Future – Urban Lab" project, based at ITAS, presented its first work-report and held a brainstorming workshop on 22 June 2013 in Karlsruhe. more
Logo TABTAB working report No. 155 issued [09.07.2013]
The volume is entitled "Nachhaltigkeit und Parlamente - Bilanz und Perspektiven Rio +20" (Sustainability and parliaments - balance and perspectives Rio +20). more
Logo TABTAB working report No. 151 issued [18.06.2013]
The volume is entitled "Ökologischer Landbau und Biomasseproduktion" (Organic farming and biomass production). more
Logo TABEPTA members introduce themselves - EPTA booklet published [18.06.2013]
The EPTA network has compiled a booklet, in which its members - which operate technology assessment for the respective european parliaments - introduce themselves. more
ITAS founder Herbert Paschen turns 80 years old [14.06.2013]
Herbert Paschen celebrates his 80th birthday on June 14, 2013. In 1977, AFAS (Abteilung für Angewandte Systemanalyse) was founded under the direction of Herbert Paschen. This department can be considered the first professional institution in the emerging field of technology assessment. In 1995, the successful work of AFAS and TAB under the head of Herbert Paschen resulted in a scientific upgrading of AFAS to the "Institute of Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis" (ITAS) which was managed by Herbert Paschen until his retirement in 1998. more
New project: "Integrated urban e-ticketing for public transport and tourist sites" [13.06.2013]
The project deals with the development of integrated ticketing systems for public transport and tourist sites in cities. more
Logo TABTAB working report No. 153 issued [06.06.2013]
The volume is entitled "Konzepte der Elektromobilität und deren Bedeutung für Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft und Umwelt" (Concepts of electric mobility and their importance for the economy, society and environment). more
CoverIssue 1 / 2013 of the ITAS-journal "Technikfolgenabschätzung - Theorie und Praxis" (TATuP) has been published [22.05.2013]
The thematic focus of this issue is titled "Visionen und Technikfolgenabschätzung am Beispiel der Debatte um Enhancement-Technologien" ("Visions and technology assessment taking the example of the debate about enhancement technologies"). more
Logo TABExperts wanted for the project "Moderne Stromnetze als Schlüsselelement einer nachhaltigen Energieversorgung" [07.05.2013]
In a first phase, a set of basic analyses was performed. Some issues will have to be investigated in more depth. Therefore TAB opened two calls for experts. more
LogoExperts wanted for the project "Medikamente für Afrika" [02.05.2013]
The focus of the TAB project is on new approaches and concepts suited to take appropriately into account the needs of developing countries in pharmacological innovation and production processes. The call for experts is open until 31.05.2013. more
LogoTAB invited to present project results in the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Sustainable Development [29.04.2013]
During a meeting of the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Sustainable Development (PBNE) TAB presented – in the presence of Ulla Burchardt, the chairwoman of the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment (ABFTA) – results from its project "Sustainability and Parliaments - outcome and perspectives Rio +20". more
New project: CERTESS – Cultural European Routes: Transfer Experiences, Share Solutions [22.04.2013]
The CERTESS project aims to address some of the key challenges of Cultural Routes in Europe by establishing a common European Reference Model that can help to achieve the EU 2020 targets in cultural tourism, aiming at sustainable and competitive sectors and territories. more
CoverNew publication: "Von der Informations- zur Wissensgesellschaft" (From information- to knowledge-based society) [16.04.2013]
The volume contains presentations from the annual conference 2011 of the CULTMEDIA network that took place at Prague in June 2011. more
Project started: Kick-off meeting of TRANSFORuM [12.04.2013]

The FP7 project "Transforming European Transport through an Active Actors Forum" started with the kick-off meeting from February 20 to 22, 2013 in Cologne. Coordinated by Rupprecht Consult (Cologne), eleven partners from across nine European countries contribute to this project that aims at helping to implement four key goals of the European Transport White Paper.

International expert workshop on future demand in the European transport sector [11.04.2013]
A workshop with international experts on the topic of societal 'megatrends' and their implications on future mobility demand took place on March 08, 2013 in Portugal. The workshop was part of the project "FUture prospects on TRansport evolution and innovation challenges for the competitiveness of Europe". more
Logo TABNew publication: "The pharmacologically improved human" [10.04.2013]
The book’s analysis of the bioethical and social science debate sheds light on the possible dynamic nature of enhancement in a society preoccupied with boosting performance. more
Logo TABExperts wanted for the project "Inwertsetzung von Biodiversität" [09.04.2013]
The call for experts is open until 24.04.2013. more
Climate Adaptation Plan Santiago de Chile handed over [20.03.2013]
The project "Climate Adaptation Santiago and Regional Learning Network", funded by the International Climate Initiative of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), handed over a climate change adaptation plan to the regional government of Santiago de Chile. more
CoverNew publication: Alternative drive concepts in case of changing mobility pattern [15.03.2013]
Jointly ITAS and the Institute for Industrial Production (IIP) organized a workshop on alternative drive concepts in case of changing mobility patterns. Selected contributions of the workshop are now published. more
Logo TABITAS will operate TAB for another five years [07.03.2013]
In the coming five years, ITAS will again operate the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Parliament (TAB). This has unanimously been decided by the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment (ABFTA) of the German Bundestag. more
Logo TABNew publication: "Breitbandversorgung, Konvergenz, Leitmedien" (broadband infrastructure, convergence, lead media) [01.03.2013]
TAB has published a new report about the structural change of mass media and the challenges of media policy. more
Logo TABTAB report on "Nachhaltigkeit und Parlamente" (sustainability and parliaments) [01.03.2013]
The TAB working report No. 155 was approved by the Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag and is now available at the website of TAB. more
CoverNew publication: "Anerkennung in erweiterter Arbeit" (Recognition in a widened concept of work) by Linda Nierling [01.03.2013]
The German employment system has been repeatedly imputed of crises during the last decades and even today indications of its crisis are paramount. This book takes as starting point the German debates of the 1980s and 1990s on the "crisis of work". more
European Conference on "Technology Assessment and Policy Areas of Great Transitions" [21.02.2013]
The first European Conference on Technology Assessment "Technology Assessment and Policy Areas of Great Transitions" will take place in Prague, 13th - 15 March 2013. It is now possible to register for the conference. more
Armin Grunwald has been appointed member of the German Committee Future Earth [20.02.2013]

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has set up the "German Committee Future Earth". The proposal to establish this new committee has been developed by the National Committee on Global Change Research (NKGCF). The newly established committee serves as a scientific advisory body for national and international activities in the framework of the "Future Earth: research for global sustainability" initiative.

GruppenbildITAS at Cactus Cup [15.02.2013]
The soccer team of ITAS participated successfully at the now 12th Edition of the "Interinstitutional Interfaculty Cactus Cup" competition known beyond Karlsruhe. more
New PhD Project "Concrete utopias of an open technology" [11.02.2013]
The emergence of open design does not in itself guarantee that the future will be "open source everything", but novel possibilities are coming into being that contribute to this potential outcome – the project aims to conceptually and empirically investigate these possibilities. more
LogoTAB report on "Fernerkundung: Anwendungspotenziale in Afrika" [04.02.2013]
The Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment at the German Parliament has decided to approve the TAB working report No. 154 "Remote sensing: potential applications in Africa". more
LogoTAB report on "Zukunft der Automobilindustrie" [04.02.2013]
The Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment at the German Parliament has decided to approve the TAB working report No. 152 "The future of the automotive industry". more
New project: SynGovernance [03.02.2013]
Through its Initiative for Synthetic Biology, the Helmholtz Association is now providing funding for this emerging field of research. The initiative can be seen as the first major national effort to promote synthetic biology research in Germany. ITAS is responsible for the entire 'accompanying research' component of the initiative, including technology assessment, ethical and policy aspects. more
LogoNew publication: "Elektronische Petitionssysteme" [24.01.2013]
TAB analyzed modernization trends of parliamentary petitioning in Germany and Europe. more
CoverIssue 3 / 2012 of the ITAS-journal "Technikfolgenabschätzung - Theorie und Praxis" (TATuP) has been published [21.01.2013]
The thematic focus is titled "Guaranteeing Transparency in Nuclear Waste Management". more
LogoBundestag discussed with experts and the public on the TAB report to the media change [18.01.2013]
Public technical discussion on 16 January 2013 in the German Bundestag more
CoverNew publication: "Responsible Nanobiotechnology" [14.01.2013]
This book by Armin Grunwald comprehensively reviews the considerations of nanotechnology elaborated in philosophy, ethics, and the social sciences and systematizes and develops them further. more
New project: Feeding 10 billion people [07.01.2013]
The Science and Technology Options Assessment Panel (STOA) of the European Parliament has set up a new project titled "Feeding 10 billion people". The project will investigate technological options for improving the global food supply. ITAS has taken over two sub-studies; one dealing with "Technology options for plant breeding and for innovative agriculture" and the other investigating "Options for cutting food waste". more