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Scenario workshops: Futures of green genetic engineering (Discourse project)

Scenario workshops: Futures of green genetic engineering (Discourse project)
Project team:

Meyer, Rolf (Project leader); Martin Knapp; Arnold Sauter


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Promoter: DLR Health Research

Start date:


End date:


Project partners:

Report of the project group on genetic engineering of Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities
(Dr. Mathias Boysen, Nicole Schulze)

Research group:

Sustainability and environment

Project description

The discourse project “Scenario-workshops: Futures of green genetic engineering” was undertaken by the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (project leader) in cooperation with the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences und funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Project Management Agency Health Research) in the frame of “discourse projects on ethical, legal and social aspects of modern life science”.

Four scenario-workshops with students from different disciplines and one scenario-workshop with sixth former were organised in the context of the issue “futures of green engineering”. In the workshops, the participants assessed possible future developments and the resulting potential conflicts. Development and test of the new discourse approach with lay people was a key element of the project.

The overall objectives of the project were

  • to make a contribution to the debate on the future direction of research on green genetic engineering,
  • to support the forming of opinion of future actors in societal debates and
  • to enhance the methodology of discursive approaches.

The project was completed in October 2009. The project results are documented in:

  • Final report - Overview about all results of the discourse project (available only in German),
  • Fact sheets - Comprehensive informfation on topic green engineering (available only in German),
  • Workshop report - Evaluation of the scenario-workshops, including political and methodological conclusions (available only in German),
  • Guideline - Manual for the organisation of scenario-workshops (available only in German)
  • Analysis of the online survey (available only in German).

The Document Control Sheet includes an abstract in English.

More information on this project can be found at: http://www.szenario-workshops-gruene-gentechnik.de (in german)



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