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Climate-neutral city project

How can a variety of actors be networked for the vision of an environmentally and climate-friendly city? This is the underlying question of the “Connect to transform” project, which is part of a Swedish project on climate-neutral cities.
Source: Bewakoof.com / Unsplash
Climate-friendly cities require a high degree of cooperation. (Source: Bewakoof.com / Unsplash)

The concept of sustainable and “smart” cities is currently on everyone’s lips and a key component in reversing climate change. However, the question of how the reversal can succeed is still open. But there is agreement on one point: fundamental changes in cities are only possible if the various actors – from politicians and city administrators to researchers and companies to citizens – work together.

The project “Connect to transform: Enabling transitions via quadruple-helix co-creation” is dedicated to the question of how this can be achieved and how collaboration can best be organized. The project uses the 12-year strategic innovation program Viable Cities and its subproject on “Climate-Neutral Cities 2030” as a case study. The research project, funded by the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, explores how stakeholder collaboration works and how it can be improved through new participative formats – for more innovation in our cities. (11.11.2019)

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