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NTA7: A milestone for the new TATuP

The new TATuP editorial board was constituted at the 7th conference of the Network TA. The editors presented their concept and the first call for papers for the new journal which will henceforth be published by oekom, starting in August 2017.
Editors and editorial board (f. l. t. r.): Ulrich Riehm (ITAS), Ulrike Sehy (oekom), Michael Nentwich (ITA, main focus ed.), Mahshid Sotoudeh (ITA), Stephan Lingner (European Academy), Linda Nierling, Constanze Scherz, Armin Grunwald and Julia Hahn (ITAS)
Calling card of the re-designed journal: the new TATuP logo

Editorial board was constituted

On 17 November 2016 the newly established editorial board of the journal Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice (TATuP) was constituted. The first meeting of the board with the TATuP editors and the publisher oekom was held during the 7th conference of the Network Technology Assessment (NTA7) in Bonn.

Members of the editorial board are:

  • Prof. Dr. Armin Grunwald, KIT-ITAS, Karlsruhe (chairman)
  • Prof. Dr. Regine Kollek, Research Centre on Biotechnology, Society and the Environment, Universität  Hamburg
  • Dr. Stephan Lingner – EA European Academy
  • Dr. Linda Nierling, KIT-ITAS, Karlsruhe
  • PD Dr. Mahshid Sotoudeh, ITA, Wien
  • Dr. Marcel Weil, KIT-ITAS, Karlsruhe

The editorial board is responsible for establishing the editorial guidelines and the main focuses. The board advises the editors and supports the selection of authors and reviewers.

Presentation of new TATuP at NTA7

The TATuP editors also took the occasion of the NTA7 to present the journal’s new concept. Starting in 2017, TATuP will be published as open access journal with a new layout by oekom in Munich. The event on 18 November 2016 attracted wide interest and resulted in a lively, but sometimes also controversial discussion. In general, the participants appreciated the decision to enhance the status of TATuP as scientific organ of the TA community. However, there were also different opinions on topics like the planned non-blind and non-public review process or the question why the journal is not published in English.

Call for papers on Open Science for the first issue 2017

The first issue of TATuP 2017 has the main focus "Open Science between hype and disruption". A call for papers was published here.

The most important dates are:

  • 23.12.2016 Submission of an informative abstract with a maximum of 2,000 characters
  • 15.1.2017 Feedback to the authors whether their suggested topic can be considered for the issue
  • 15.3.2017 Latest submission of the manuscripts (with a maximum length of 28,000 characters incl. spaces)
  • August 2017 Publication of the issue


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