Institute for Technology Assessment and  Systems Analysis (ITAS)

TATuP Issue 1/2016 published

This issue focuses on the relationships between science, technology, media and the public. It reflects on theoretical aspects and practical formats of technology communication as well as the actors involved.
Cover TATuP Issue 1/2016

How can communication between science and technology on the one hand and media and the public on the other be shaped? What formats can help bring the use of technologies and their development in a comprehensive process of adaption regarding the interests and values and technological and scientific possibilities? The media coverage on research developments and findings that are of high public interest are subject to specific conditions. At the same time, science is increasingly communicating strategically in order gain legitimation in form of public approval. This issue focuses on these effects and discusses them along individual cases. Fittingly, TATuP also uses the innovative form of a comic to reflect on these questions.

A further innovation is the "TATuP-Labor" format, which, this time, presents current books that are introduced by members of the Network TA. The TA-scene is graphically represented in a map showing Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The TATuP editors welcome feedback on this (contact: redaktion∂ Also the current issue includes introductions and outcomes of TA-projects, for example on In-vitro meat, contributions to the discussion forum, such as a concept of nature for TA as well as conference reports, reviews and further news. (29.04.2016)

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