Institute for Technology Assessment and  Systems Analysis (ITAS)

District Future is now "Werkstatt N"

The ITAS project "District Future – Urban Lab" has been awarded the quality seal "Werkstatt N" by the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) of the Federal Government.

Every year the Government's Council for Sustainable Development selects 100 ideas and initiatives which seem to have the potential to stimulate sustainability in our society and to make Germany fit for the future. According to the experts, sustainability also includes attributing equal importance to environmental issues as well as social and economic aspects. "So acting sustainably also means that we have to bequeath our children and grandchildren a sound ecological, social, and economic fabric. One is not possible without the other."

The Council for Sustainable Development was first appointed by the German Federal Government in 2001. It consists of 15 public persons. Among their tasks are contributions to realize the National Sustainability Strategy "Perspectives for Germany" which was adopted by the German Government on 17 April 2002 and made sustainable development a central goal of the Government’s actions for the first time. In addition, the work of the committee should contribute to making sustainability an important public issue.

The quality seal Werkstatt N makes District Future and the ideas and research results of the project more visible, also, for example, in connection with the further development of the Sustainability Strategy of the Federal Government. The Werkstatt N network provides new impulses, allows the use of synergies, and puts proven concepts into new contexts. (07.03.2016)

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